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Sunbreak provides the digital personalization platform for ambitious teams that need to save time and create more. We know your vision requires a simple technology solution for creating the personalized online content required to accelerate engagement with consumers.

Meet our team.

Steven Word

Co-founder & CEO

Futurist. Product strategist. Innovator. Thought leader & entrepreneur.

Richard Hill

Co-founder & CTO

Wrangler of chaos. Football (UK) fanatic. People leader & entrepreneur.

Dave McKinley

Principal Advisor

CTO @ Revelstoke Security

Ken Schneider

Advisor, Corporate Development

Former Head of Symantec Ventures
Managing Director at Precode Labs

Adam Lamagna

Head of Sales

Generator of leads. Optimist. Sales leader & entrepreneur.

Manny Kostas

Advisor, Growth & GTM

Former CMO at Symantec
Former S
r. Vice President at HP

Sunbreak provides services designed for your creative teams, emphasizing experience, performance, privacy, and simplicity. We believe personalizing web content for your should be easy, so your team can focus on sharing your vision. Sunbreak software is intuitive and personal so you can onboard quickly. Prepare for rapid growth and success.

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