Solving digital publishing’s engagement problem.

Digital publishing has an engagement problem. As the media world became increasingly digital, social networks seized control of the information funnels. Enticed by the delivery of centralized content, consumers converted to loyal advocates of social media.

Why did consumers flock to social networks for content?

Social networks provide content experiences that reflect the users desired experience. By providing a personalized journey, social networks have become the primary providers of digital content across the globe.

Social networks challenge publishers.

The market is polluted with “click-bait” and propaganda and publishers must pay for visibility to compete. Advertising revenue margins are decreasing, and click through rates have fallen from 44% to 0.5% over the past decade. Unfortunately, the pay-to-play model forecasts diminishing returns.

Are ads and paid placements the only options?

Fortunately for publishers everywhere, a new technology is emerging. A technology solution that moves the power back into publishers hands. Personalization.

Introducing Personalization for WordPress.

The simple way to personalize your digital experience.


Personalization provides publishers a solution.

Personalization is the answer for publishers grappling with content engagement. Furthermore, subscribers are demanding the technology. As a result, personalized content added to any product or service has the potential to resolve growth concerns at very low risk.

What if publishers could increase traffic, establish loyalty, and earn subscribers, all in motion?

What if they could do it without the cost and unpredictable results of increasing ad spend?

Grow traffic by serving curated content relevant to your audience’s interests; an action shown to increase engagement by 30-40%.

Establish loyalty in your business. Since loyalty is the expression of engagement over time, personalization unlocks long-term attention. This system of rewarding audience interests provides a market advantage that is difficult to disrupt. After all, who would want to abandon an article tailored specifically to them?

Earning subscribers becomes simple and low-touch. Increasing engagement results in advertising revenue, product interest, and higher rates of subscribers. Interacting with personalized experiences also establishes brand loyalty and builds advocates. Loyal advocates convert other subscribers, resulting in greater ROI.

Digital publishers must embrace Personalization to drive growth.

Social media has taken its toll on publishing. Broadcast television and print media do not have the same pull that they once did. Finding tradition marketing solutions that are also cost-effective is becoming nearly impossible.

By delivering personalized content into your product or service, you will help your audience to feel understood. When customers feel understood, they advocate for brands, engage with content and drive revenue.

You can’t afford to wait a moment longer. Solve your engagement problem and start delivering personalized digital experiences.

To learn how Personalization can grow audience engagement and inspire customer loyalty, contact us today. Our team would love to help.

With Sunbreak and Personalization for WordPress, you can accelerate audience engagement and build loyal advocates for your brands. Personalization increases traffic and engagement drives revenue.

Posted by Steven Word

I am passionate about creating things! I support teams through product ideation, development architecture, and marketing strategy. I enjoy turning ideas into MVPs, working with emerging technologies, and a little bit of risk. I bring along 15 years of experience working with enterprise publishers and storefronts. #letsGo!